The Fall and Rise of Barbarism Part 6

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The Fall of Giants

We have gone past a point in America where we can turn this clock back.  Many experts believe that the American century is over, and the next century most certainly won’t be a repeat.  I believe that the evidence backs this up, both historically and in terms of current events.  This doesn’t mean we will fall into the sea.  It does mean that things will be different.  A look at history should shed light on what may be to come.

When the empires of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Britain, and The Soviet Union fell they left differing decrees of chaos in their wake.  The latter empires left lesser degrees of chaos, but their empires were also dovetailed with another stabilizing empire (in both cases the United States).  The Romans were unique in that there was no other competing empire to really challenge their existence, similar to the situation that the United States faces today, although certainly the European Union (itself a powder keg) Russia, and nations like Canada and Australia are stabilizing.

The Roman empire didn’t just end.  It fractured, as its fringes sought their own independence and regional power.  The competing states model that followed drained the regional competing countries of all internal resources, as they invested in war and outside competition.  Far more resources were expended in competing for resources than were ever gained by those resources.  The result was what we know call the “Dark Ages.”

During this time, the one rising competing empire was the Muslim Caliphate leading to the Ottoman Empire.  The rapid expansion of the Muslims into the carcass of the Roman Empire was almost without challenge.  When Europe finally realized that they needed to respond, it led to the Church controlled Middle Ages, and ridiculous Church corruption and pollution by the world.  It was hundreds of years before the Roman norms of indoor plumbing, rights for middle class, and secure resources where even imagined again.

As America loses its stature in the world, this does not have to echo the fall of the Roman Empire.  The European Union could provide stability in the absence of America’s influence.  Most other countries would likely lack the resources to be capable of this.  However, Europe has its own massive battles to fight.  Europe is in sharp decline, at least as the Europe that has existed for modern history.  They are facing another Muslim invasion, but this time it’s a more peaceful one.  Within 10 years several European countries will be majority Muslim, and almost all of Europe’s non-Muslim population in irreversible decline.

The religious issue in this regard is almost secondary.  The Muslim populations in these countries are not melding into society as other immigrants do.  They bring their own ideas of governance, Sharia law, etc.  This will certainly lead to serious conflict, as can be evidenced already beginning in France over the last 5 years.  Non-Muslim Europeans will either allow themselves to accept Dhimmi status under Muslim controlled governments, or they will rise up.  These conflicts will make it difficult for Europe to be much of a stabilizing force for the world. -Ryan


The Fall and Rise of Barbarism Part 5

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The Emotional American Stanza

There is another cycle at work within America that we need to be aware of.  Just as revivals in the early 1900’s brought about the Pharisee-ism of the early 20’s, which led to crime in the 30’s, we are in a part of our own cycle now.  The Bush years seemed to be a revival without revival, and a triumph of moral legalism (at least as far as the mainstream media and far left would have us believe).  The public responded with a “Yes we can believe in change.”  But now crime is seriously on the rise and healthy society markers are on the decline.

Of course, forces completely outside of human control, or at least strategic planning, could change things in a heartbeat.  But today the decline is possibly spinning out of control.  This is also the first time in modern America where our moral compass has no North.

Think about it for a second: The state of California (and they are not alone in this) has increasingly been restricting any and all tobacco use.  This is not a bad thing, really.  But at the same time, the state has been rapidly relaxing marijuana laws.  There are now cities where it is legal to smoke pot on your porch, but a Marlboro will get you a hefty fine.

Our states are slowly allowing marriage between homosexual partners and whole denominations are allowing actively homosexual ministers, while calling the homosexual “lifestyle” immoral can get you publically censored and censured.  On television, “Oh, God” has become the most frequently used phrase, but “I love Jesus” is never used unless it is somehow a joke.  Cartoons of Mohamed are self-censored from newspapers…the same newspapers that write blistering articles pitting Christian leaders as being ignorant or even evil for their faith.  -Ryan


The Fall and Rise of Barbarism Part 1

Believing Lies

Did you know that in North Korea the following iron-clad “truths” are well known:

  • Most people in North Korea don’t know that Kim Jung Il has 3 sons. Two of them fell out of favor with him some time ago, so he erased them from the public record.
  • It is widely reported in North Korean news that most of the country has plenty of food, but that people living in the West are starving.
  • Many North Koreans are taught that Kim Jung Il sleeps very little, because he is worried about his people so much. In reality, he lives a very luxurious life.
  • On Kim Jung Il’s birthday each year, teachers give their children little wrapped presents that they buy for their students. They tell their students that the presents are from Kim Jung Il, himself.
  • Many people believe that Kim Jung Il can control the weather with his moods.
  • North Korean news reports that Kim Jung Il, who is an avid golfer, regularly gets a hole-in-one.
  • US and Korean forces regularly participate in joint military excerices to prepare for the possibility of war in the region. North Korea’s official news agency responded to one of these recently, by saying:

The war exercises kicked off by the U.S. and the South Korean conservative authorities are a blatant challenge to the Korean nation and the peace-loving people of the world. This goes to prove that their scenario to seize the DPRK through surprise preemptive attack has reached a very grave phase. -Korean Central News Agency, August 20

I recently read a Reuters news report of North Koreans who had fleed the North and were living in South Korea.  Imagine believing the above things for your whole life, and then suddenly you learn that many fundamental things you had believed your whole life turn out to be nothing but lies.  It would take a lifetime just to learn to be “normal.”

One of the interesting aspects of this is that many of the people in the North don’t have much of an inclination that they believe such ridiculousness.  Or do they?  I have thought about this issue for quite some time.  If truth is an ironclad reality, as Christians must by nature believe, then those who are desperately clinging to lies must intrinsically sense that they are deceiving themselves.

This may be a mere intellectual exercise when dealing with the unwilling deception of the North Koreans, but more significant and ominous when we look at large groups of people who believe that blowing themselves up on a bus full of children is something that their god would approve of, and even reward them for.  It is almost impossible to get my modern American mind around a mindset that would not be horrified by such an act.  It is no less confusing than believing a middle-aged fat man would golf better than Tiger Woods.

Our age must answer the important issue of what to do about these lives.  Killing those who believe and espouse them hasn’t worked.  But simply being nice hasn’t worked either.  A modern mindset would say that education and enlightenment will conquer these lies, and a post-modern mindset might deny that they are lies at all.  One of the biggest questions of our time is if we as a world can quarantine these lies, and conquer them.

2009 In Preview

Yeah, yeah…so I know that we are already nearing the end of the first quarter of 2009.  I am very late with my predictions this year.  Better late than never, right?  Well, frankly I have just been really busy with all of the stuff I’ve got to do, and this just fell to the back burner.  Having said that, I don’t actually usually do these until the end of January to mid-February.  I promise not to evaluate myself positively at the end of the year based on anything that has already happened as of this writing.  Well, here goes. Continue reading

My 2008 Predictions Analyzed

Every year I create a list of educated guesses as to what the next year holds. Every year I come up with my best attempt at a fair analysis of my guesses for the previous year.  This is my analysis that I posted at my WordPress blog of 2008’s predictions.

Now that 2008 is well done with, we can look back and see how well I did.  I try every year to be fair with this.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  I will give myself a percentage rating on each.  I have shifted the original colors to straight black and my rating of each to red.  I have not changed any of the content from the original posting.   However, I was appalled at my usually impeccable spelling/grammar.  I have improved those errors. Continue reading