OK, so this is going to be a little bit strange…

The other day I was listening to a podcast.  It was talking about the Ig Nobel Prizes.  These are awards to science projects that seem on the surface to be ridiculous, but turn out to be of actual merit.  The particular award they were talking about was for an experiment that looked at how people identify each other visually by looking at each other’s faces.  This is obvious really, but it is easy to not even think about it.  We don’t look at each other’s feet or stomachs to figure out who we’re talking to.  The person on the podcast was talking about how it makes sense that we call the social networking site, Facebook.

So, my mind started wandering about what a social network for dogs would be.  I mean, dogs use their noses to identify each other, and they usually sniff each other’s butts.  Later (I swear it was after I thought of it), the podcast host said exactly what I was thinking.

So, without further adieu…Here is buttbok!


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