2019 Predictions

As each year turns to the next I try to right out what events and trends I think will take place in the year to come.  As I say each time, this is neither astrology nor an attempt at prophecy.  I am simply making an educated guess at what I think will happen.  The purpose is actually for my own amusement.  Part of it is hubris, as I am addicted to saying “I told you so.”  But it is harmless fun, unless you are one of those people that gets mad at the weatherman if it rains on your wedding day.

    1. I wish that this year upcoming will be filled with a mix of pretty good, and some not as good—but I highly doubt that. I believe (and don’t at all wish) that this year will be one of the worst years that anyone in this country truly remembers. I tend to be a political pessimist, but this goes deeper than that.

  1. The Democrat led House of Representatives will try to impeach Trump. It will happen this year. I’m not sure how this will work with the Mueller investigation and its findings. But I see two likely outcomes.A – Mueller recommends indicting the President – This will likely be on something seen as kind of sketchy. Right now it seems as if it will be concerning Trump’s hush money to mistresses characterized as a campaign finance violation. Much of the US will not see this as anything indictment-worthy, and they’ll be right. Ben Shapiro’s analogy of Trump as a mud-monster is correct. All that people try and attack him on does nothing to influence his approval. It only makes him bigger. This is because no one thinks of Trump as a moral authority.A President probably should be, but all of the Democrat whining about this forgets that during the Clinton/Lewinski scandal they were saying that we should be more like Europe where they don’t care what moral indiscretions their politicians have.   That is what we have become. We are worse off because of it.If that is what happens, it will end in the courts. The question will be whether a sitting President can be indicted. If it does go to the courts it will likely go to the Supreme Court. If (and it’s not a guarantee) the Supreme Court rules in favor of the President, then the House will try to do whatever they can to impeach Justice Kavanaugh.This all will go nowhere, but it will cause much more division in America, and it will probably likely help Trump.

    B – If Mueller’s recommendation doesn’t lead anywhere significant, the House will try to impeach Trump anyway. This will almost certainly not succeed, as it is actually the Democrats that are more trapped. If they don’t try to impeach Trump their own base will criticize them. However, if they do they won’t win and the mass of Americans will not support them.

    People forget that Article 1 of the Constitution says that it is the House the votes for articles of impeachment, but that the Senate actually tries the impeachment and may only convict with a 2/3 majority. Further, the Democrats would not want Trump out of office. If that happened Pence would be President. They hate Trump, but Pence scares them.

  2. There will not be another Supreme Court vacancy unless someone (probably RBG) dies. If there is a vacancy, the US will be nearly in civil war over it. Liberals would actually literally fight over this. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen this year. It could cause the end of our country.
  3. This year will be the year that people point to as the year that cable TV died. I don’t know that much will actually happen different than in year’s past. It might just be due to increasing irrelevancy. In televised (for lack of a better term) media we will see increasing fracturization. Many companies will become a broadcaster and people will increasingly start to get their shows from disparate sources.   A few years ago I predicted that some cable channels will start a la carte service. That will happen more.
  4. This year will also see a dramatic decline in social media. Facebook’s merciless drive to irrelevance will continue slowly, but Twitter’s demise will be more rapid. Increasing numbers of people will unplug from these entirely.
  5. Companies have increasingly been bullied by statements or actions that are seen as unacceptable, while not actually being bothersome to most Americans (e.g. the attack against Chik Fil A for the founder saying that he is for traditional marriage). This has snowballed. No one is ever safe because some intersectional group will always be offended by something. Some companies will stop bowing to this protestor’s veto. They will do this quietly and stoicly. We will see companies increasingly ignoring online mobs (or even later organized in-person mobs). When the outraged start seeing their demands ignored they will realize how powerless they are.There actually will be no choice for some companies. They will realize that they are in a no-win situation, and will realize that their only choice is to continue as normal.
  6. There will be a significant number of both terror attacks and international protests. This will not be only a few more, but will be a significant increase. I think that the terror attacks in the US will be of a different nature than have been really seen before. This could be in the form of vehicle IEDs and/or at events or places where people don’t expect them and they could have the most impact. I don’t want to be more specific, lest I ever give anyone an idea. And it goes without saying that I would never wish this kind of thing to happen.
  7. The name ISIS isn’t going away. You will hear more from them in 2019.
  8. There will also be an increase in religious violence even in the United States. Although this is often pitched always by the media as Christians attacking others, it will mostly be the opposite. This will probably especially be an increase in anti-semitic violence.
  9. Sears will go away this year, likely in or around March.
  10. Russia will invade the Ukraine. I have no predictions on what will happen afterward, but it will not be pretty.
  11. There have been increasing reports of a Polio-like virus afflicting children. This has largely been ignored by the media and most Americans. This will be one of the biggest stories of the year. There is a chance that they’ll keep it bottled-up through 2019, but I doubt they can. I think there is a high likelihood that this might involve a cover-up possibly even implicating the CDC.
  12. This all seems like doom and gloom, and it largely is. But, I think that we will go through this before some good might come. For instance, I think that significant spiritual revival has a chance to happen in the US, or at least I fervently pray for it. America has mostly turned its back on God and walked away from His precepts.Psalm 91 says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Often times we read that to mean that if we follow God that He will protect us, and that is certainly true. But it also means that if we are following Him we will naturally avoid the consequences that come from walking in darkness. We have been walking in darkness and we have stubbed our toe. Like those all through the Old Testament we will probably have to face worse consequences before running back to His side, like a wounded toddler. At that time and not before we will see light at the end of this tunnel. When our leaders stop mindlessly saying “God bless America,” and start mindfully calling America to bless God, then restoration can come. I long for this.  

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