Dining Room

I have been slowly remodeling my home to bring it up to a more modern look.  This is a long process, both because of time and money constraints.  Less involved than the famous Great Wall of Ryan project, I just completed the Informal Dining Room.  Here is a list of things we did, with before and after pictures below.

  • Took all the wallpaper off.  It was floor to ceiling before, with a dark blue on the bottom and an ivory with small blue flowers on top.
  • Removed popcorn from the ceiling.
  • Removed styrofoam medallion from the ceiling relief and styrofoam crown modeling from that same area.
  • Re-stained the chair-rails, doorways, and baseboards to match what we did last year in the living room.  It was a honey-oak color, and now is a Red Mahogany.
  • Painted the walls to match the living room paint scheme.
  •  Painted the ceiling relief top a deep red color for contrast and depth.

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