Dining Room

I have been slowly remodeling my home to bring it up to a more modern look.  This is a long process, both because of time and money constraints.  Less involved than the famous Great Wall of Ryan project, I just completed the Informal Dining Room.  Here is a list of things we did, with before and after pictures below.

  • Took all the wallpaper off.  It was floor to ceiling before, with a dark blue on the bottom and an ivory with small blue flowers on top.
  • Removed popcorn from the ceiling.
  • Removed styrofoam medallion from the ceiling relief and styrofoam crown modeling from that same area.
  • Re-stained the chair-rails, doorways, and baseboards to match what we did last year in the living room.  It was a honey-oak color, and now is a Red Mahogany.
  • Painted the walls to match the living room paint scheme.
  •  Painted the ceiling relief top a deep red color for contrast and depth.

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Gun Header

Today I ended a two-week marketing contract for a major cellular phone provider that had me spending most days in my car, driving from one location to another.  This meant that as the events of today’s school massacre in Connecticut unfolded, I was listening on the radio.  I heard all happen right before my ears.

Events like this usually don’t inspire a strong reaction for me.  While I am passionate about current events as they pertain to politics and world events, things like the OJ Simpson murders, Casey Anthony, and Virginia Tech just don’t impact me as much for some reason.  That is just how I’m geared, but this case is different.

We have heard lately about mall shootings, football player murder/suicides, and the Movie Theater mass shooting in Colorado.  Some people, like Bob Costas, have used these opportunities to talk about increased gun control.  That may be a good conversation to have, although I personally do not believe that more gun regulations will be the solution.

As the radio told me of the teachers that hid their students in closets and bathrooms, police making the kids leave the school with their eyes closed, and a room full of kids gunned down by hundreds of rounds of ammunition, I became enraged.  I can’t think of any other emotion to feel when that kind of evil is present, and I don’t think any other emotion is appropriate.

The Bible says to “be angry, yet do not sin.”  It also talks about God’s fury at sin, and particularly those who intentionally hurt His little ones.  Yet we live in a world with increasing evil.  I don’t care to debate this with anyone: murder rates, violent crimes, and corruption cases are telling, but the simple fact is that evil is becoming far more evil than ever.

I mourn for our country and it’s people.  Christians must stand and say, “enough.”  We cannot be blamed for things like this.  It is not the church’s fault that things like this happen, but evil triumphs when good men do nothing.  And that is what we have done.  We have hibernated and cloistered while the gates of Hell have advanced, laughing at the impotence of God’s people.  We don’t fight our wars with guns or fists, but on our knees and making all else but the gospel secondary.  This has not characterized God’s people of late.  More church programs and laws won’t stop this advance of evil.  More steadfast men of faith will. -Ryan