What Does the Bible Really Say?

At church on Tuesday, we were discussing how our actions, both good and bad, affect our eternity.  Does God work things out like a giant scale and measure whether our good deeds outweigh our evil ones?

“Because we sin, we cannot be in the presence of God or we will die.  But because Jesus died as the perfect sacrifice, he can forgive our sins, and wipe the slate clean.  In order to get to heaven we need to have a relationship with him  He won’t want to hang out with us if we don’t know him.” -Jessica actually typed this here.  Yes, she really wrote this!

Is this what the Bible actually says?  The first person with a well thought through and studied answer to this in the comments section will win a $5 Starbucks gift card.  The person with the most well thought out and researched answer will also win the same prize.

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