Google Voice Transcript


First of all, yes I realize that this is unreadable.  But, you can view full and read the whole thing.  I included this so that you didn’t have to take my word for it.

One of the coolest things that has been invented in the last couple years is Google Voice, a free product in beta from our overlords at Google (just kidding, guys.  I love you).  I have written a couple other articles on here about the joys of Google Voice.  One of GV’s cool features is the transcript it creates of all of your voice mails.  It can then automatically send it as a text to your cell phone and/or send you an email of the transcript.

Usually, I can get the general gist of what is being said by reading the transcript…usually.  Sometimes, I have absolutely no idea what the caller was saying.  They have a ways to go before their system is at all foolproof.

The above message is transcribed: “Hey Ryan, bread streak with her and just calling to check in with you.  That’s based on without your phone number.  I don’t know it was hitting underneath my nose.  But anyway, looking forward to talking with it.   Give me a call whenever you get a chance. [phone number withheld]  Thank you.”

Questions I had before I listened to the recording: 1- is this person a streak on a piece of bread, or bread and recommending streaking with some girl?  2-Why does any of this require notifying me?  3-How did my phone number create this situation?  4-My phone number is actually hitting you in the face?  I knew it was pretty rowdy.  5-You just want to talk with my number?

I have rather enjoyed this transcript.  I return to it often just to reminisce, and realized that this must be shared with the world.

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