road headerThere are times of reflection, on some rare Fall evenings
Where sun is set low and the sky fiery gleaming…
Thinking back to past whens, where I am where I’ve been
The choices I made all the plans that I’ve laid
And I wonder

I walk but don’t know, long journeys up mountains
where paths start and they go, gentle gardens with fountains
Desert nightmares of dreams, and places all in between
Do I go to disaster, or joy ever after
Fear sets deep under

God does direct, though we protest and stray
Our inner frailties perfects, gives us light to the way,
But was a path long ago, an easier road to follow
I never will know…This side of heaven
And I wander

2 thoughts on “Wandering

  1. I didn’t know you wrote poetry.
    This is a beautiful cry that speaks to me deeply. Thanks for posting.

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