It’s A Fact

It's a Fact

It has been very widely publicized that In N Out Burger has a secret, unplublished menu.  What many people do not know is that there are quite a few other restaurants that have their own secret menus as well.

Shortly after In N Out’s popularity started becoming a threat, McDonald’s launched their secret menu.  If you go to any McDonalds drive “thru” in the nation today, you can order their hidden items.  Try ordering some of these:

  • The McFluffy   –   This is a milk shake with a small order of french fries stuck one by one into the top.
  • McTaco Tower-   One bottom bun folded around a folded hamburger patty.  Inside the folded patty is cheese, special sauce, and pickles.  This is held in place with a toothpick.
  • The McLiberal-   This is a simple variation on the Big Mac, but the order of the ingredients is backward, and the top bun is on the bottom, and bottom bun is on top.  The price is 40 cents more than the regular big mac.

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