2009 American Religious Identification Survey

This week’s Newsweek has a cover story on “The Decline and Fall of Christian America,” written by Jon Meachan.  I read the article today (more on that in another post) and am now pouring over the actual survey that formed the basis of the article.  I will explain my findings on that in the next few days, as I discover new things.

Incidentally, it wasn’t easy to find.  There are simply so many blogs talking about it, most of them just scrapes of the Newsweek article itself.

2 thoughts on “2009 American Religious Identification Survey

  1. That took awhile…It was hard to find it in the first place. Then I printed instead of bookmarking. I had to find it all over again. You can find it here. It is difficult because that Newsweek article has been scraped all over the net. I will be blogging tonight about my findings. I stayed up last night to almost 2 AM wading through the report, and sifting its implications. For now, I’ll just say that the Newsweek article left me with an impression somewhat different than what the report shows. At the same time, the rebuttals I’ve seen online are pretty far off too.

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